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Mission Statement

I want to help people feel the joy that can come from music. When a person connects with an instrument and finds that it is a voice that expresses what is at their core, something magical happens. They take ownership of it and it becomes a part of their life and who they are. Not in a limiting sense but in a way that enriches their life and will help them grow. A whole new world will open up to them that they can wholly and healthily dive into. I work to help students do this through the violin. I want them to develop skills that will help them find and cultivate a unique sound and a voice for themselves, and to be able to express what they have inside for themselves and for others; to find self- fulfillment, value, and realization. I want students to realize that what they have inside to offer the world is unique, has value and it is worth listening to and have the confidence to share it. I want to help them experience the joy of the music and art that is already out there and help them to add to it by engendering original creativity that comes from deep within. I teach the technique and the world of violin and music and how it connects to other things in the world around them but give them the freedom to not be rigidly confined to what others define as legitimate art in music.


Individualized Violin Instruction

Because my main focus in instructing in the art of violin playing is to bring joy to and enrich my students’ lives, I take an individualized approach to lessons.

I believe everyone should have music in their life on some level and if someone has a desire and drive to learn music, they should be given the opportunity to do it regardless of age or other factors. This is why I work with any age, including adults. My efforts are designed to instill a love of music and a skill that will enrich my students lives for life. I thus provide the means to have immediate success and enjoyment in learning the violin to give the best chance/ environment to make the violin a part of my students’ life long term.

Methods & Benefits


One of the first steps for some people starting the violin or continuing the violin is to dispel the myth that playing the violin is an unconquerable Everest. The second myth I like to address is that one can not play the violin well unless they start as a child. If you have the drive, you can accomplish whatever you set out to do.


  • My key is an individualized approach. I have a passion for teaching and thus a personal dedication to the student. I spend time developing the curriculum used in lessons and select literature based on the student’s needs and interests. I always strive to maintain a nurturing, caring environment where a student can be comfortable and learn and have rewarding experiences. While lessons are individualized, I do follow a set of principles in my approach to teaching.
  • For the beginner, I take a “sound before symbol” approach in lessons and start the student off playing music immediately. I start by ensuring good form and technique. I do this by learning some music by ear and some simplified notation, the student is able to quickly learn the technique of playing the violin and produce a great sound. I then start to teach the reading of music and other details of playing the violin including but not limited to: theory, style, expression, improvisation, composing, and history to foster a well rounded musician.
  • I work with students on a personal level to help them find their own voice in their music and help them express their unique creativity thus helping them to take ownership of their violin playing.
  • I tailor periodic no-pressure opportunities for performance in recitals or other venues.
  • There is more to music than notes and technique. I strive to teach about the humanity and art surrounding music and the violin.


  • An individualized approach leads to faster results and happier students!
  • All ages are welcome.
  • Positive enviroment. I truly care about the student.
  • I keep a long term prospective.
  • Well rounded music education: notation, composition, theory, etc.
  • Tuition includes instructor availability throughout the week for help via phone, email, or other means as needed. This website also offers tips, tutorials, links, and other resources for students.
  • Evening lessons available Monday through Friday
  • Instruction Sessions available from ½ hour to 1 hour
  • I received my degree in Music Education and have years of successful experience in teaching violin privately and as a contractor for institutions.

Start investing in you!

Instructor Bio

Hello, I’m Frederic PetFrederic Petersers. I am the violin instructor for the Peters School of Music. I wanted to give just a brief introduction about myself. I have a great love of teaching the violin and teaching in general. I have been teaching violin for the last 6 years and have been teaching in various capacities for 13 years. I received a Bachelor of Music in Education from Portland State University in 2007. The violin is one of my deepest passions; not only playing and teaching but also the art and world surrounding it. My goal is to try and enrich the lives of those whom I work with in a well rounded way so that they can experience as much joy as possible from the world of violin. I am originally from Arizona and have lived and taught in Oregon, Utah, and Idaho. I have taught privately and taught as a contractor for other music institutions. As my family and I are returning to the east valley, I am excited to come to the area and enrich the lives of the residents here. If you would like to learn more about my approach and philosophies please take a moment to read the information above. There are also many helps, links, videos, and resources that I have compiled and have made available for the community. Feel free to visit the student resources page to check those out.

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